Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count Is Here

Well it’s been a few years since any serious butterfly counting was done, I think 2002 was the last time, so The Big Butterfly Count is an overdue item but most welcome.

Once again we are being asked to spend a few minutes of our time to count wildlife, and I hope you all join in starting tomorrow (24th July) or any time you can over the next week.

Butterflies are both exquisite as well as vital to the health of our natural environment. Their success is essential, however they are in significant decline.

Get involved in the Big Butterfly Count from the 24th July to the 1st of August this year and help to collect facts to conserve all of them.

Simply find a location wherever you may observe butterflies, such as a back garden or park, and count the various butterflies you see in simply 15 minutes. You can make counts in a number of locations throughout the week.

Submit your sightings at and you will be given ten per cent off plants when you go shopping on the internet at M&S. So you’re getting something back.

Butterflies are generally disappearing rapidly and we cannot support them without having your help. So please consider giving a few minutes of your time just to do a simple thing. You’ll get a free identification chart of the most common butterflies. Count them, tick them off, and then return to their website to submit your findings.

PLEASE don’t forget to do that last bit, EVEN if you only counted 1 butterfly! In fact, even counting that 1 butterfly is important as it may show us how bad things are. So your input is invaluable, even if you counted nothing!

See the Big Butterfly Count website for all the details and identification chart.

On a side note for some Chrome browser users – you may find you get errors when trying to download the Big Butterfly Count identification chart. Simply switch to Internet Explorer or FireFox to sort the problem.

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