Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Gardens and Inspiration

Hoping that butterflies visit your garden is not going to make it happen. Well you already knew that, but sometimes we all need a bit of a jolt, or a bit of inspiration to help us start things.

It’s not knowing where to start. It’s the ‘fear of the unknown’ thing. What it all boils down to though, is simply making a start. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an informed start or not, it’s the act of starting that is the most important part. Once you get to that point, the rest will follow naturally.

Now I know a lot of you are scoffing at this, but it’s true of a lot of things. Getting past that first hurdle is the most difficult part of the entire process. Once you start, the next step will follow naturally. You see, even if you get the first bit wrong, that will become apparent and you will have learnt something. You become self-editing. I know you are still having doubts, but prove it yourself by taking that first step. What do you have to lose?

Inspiration? Well I was reading an article today that highlighted this approach of ‘just do it’. It wasn’t started as a butterfly garden either, but included that aspect in the end. This person persisted and I admire that. They obviously derive a lot of pleasure from it too. Notice they made mistakes but learnt from them each time.

Everyone can add to the garden’s flower and blossum nectar with a home-made butterfly feeder. You can use an inverted small jar, which can be attractive to butterflies. Make a little hole in the middle of the lid and plug it with cotton. Make a sugar solution in the ratio of 1:9, sugar:water, and fill the jar with this solution. You may need to warm the water to make it easier to dissolve. Try painting the lid to make it attractive to butterflies. Yellow is a good color. Then hang the feeder in your garden using a tree or fence panel or shed. The perfect addition to butterfly gardens.

If you want a bit more detail on what plants to use and what butterflies are attracted to which plants, there’s a blog on how to make a butterfly garden that gives you a start. Have a look through and see what inspires you about butterfly gardens.

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