Butterfly News Roundup

Butterfly News Roundup

Well here’s a few snippets of butterfly news I’ve found on various topics.

1. The first is a news item from the Ledger, based in Florida. The title of the piece is ‘Surveys See Decrease in Butterfly Numbers‘. Yeah? Nothing new there then. Same thing happening around the world. OK, let’s skip then to the exciting bit, the place where they announce new legislation, new land conservation, new volunteers, new funds to help out, or whatever they’ve managed to achieve or pledge or acquire.

The last sentence  of this piece? Well here it is in its entirety:

“Oh, well, maybe next year things will be better.”

What?! That’s it?

That’s your contribution to the reducing butterfly population? Oh come on guys, surely you can come up with something a bit more proactive than that? What’s the point of reiterating what everybody already knows or suspects?


2. I reported on the Big Butterfly Count recently, and I see that the New Forest National Park Authority are also encouraging people to not only count but also to identify. This is a bit more proactive than the post I reported on above as it’s making people aware of their plight, the habitats and what upsets the equilibrium. There’s also links to more information on the Big Butterfly Count and the Wildlife calendar. Worth having a look.

3. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (the FWS), whose primary purpose is conserving the nature of America, have approved a long-term plan which conserves the endangered Karner Blue butterfly in Michigan. Now there you go, something very positive and action taken by a body that has influence. That’s what I like to report on. Thank you guys! You can read more here.

4. Here’s a good article on butterfly defences. Very interesting piece on the various ways a butterfly can defend itself from the large range of predators out there. And it’s a might cleverer than having a sting, claw or knockout-punch! I enjoyed this very much, so I’m going to go out on a high with that one.

Till next time.

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