Butterfly Photographers Handbook

The Butterfly Photographers Handbook

The Butterfly Photographers Handbook
The Butterfly Photographers Handbook

It’s not often that a book like this comes along. I’ve had difficulty finding references like this, so it’s a welcome addition to anyone who likes taking photographs of butterflies. The Butterfly Photographers Handbook, written by William B Folsum, is a hard-back book with 128 information-packed pages.

It includes, of course, many amazing photographic examples and at the time of writing, had attracted seven 5-star ratings from members of the public on Amazon. I’ve taken the words from the back of The Butterfly Photographers Handbook to show the range of subjects covered:

“Taking photographs of butterflies involves an understanding of the butterfly and its behaviour, technical knowledge of photography, good camera equipment, patience and lots of practice. Fortunately, author and photographer, William Folsom, has done a lot of the hard work for you. With the information and techniques collected in this book, you can skip years of trial and error, and head into the field with a lot more confidence – and come home with much better images.”


  • Understanding butterfly anatomy and behaviour
  • Where and when to find butterflies
  • Ideas for attracting butterflies and creating butterfly hotspots
  • Tips for approaching butterflies without startling them
  • Focusing and exposure techniques for more successful images
  • Selecting the right lenses and lens accessories for butterfly photography
  • Lighting tips for natural light and flash photography
  • Ideas for creating more effective compositions
  • Techniques for enhancing and printing your photographs

So that’s a good summary of the contents, although each chapter contains many subject points. All-in-all, The Butterfly Photographers Handbook contains a lot of useful material, although personally I feel you don’t need the equipment that he suggests. I get along fine with much cheaper and less flexible equipment than he’d ever even contemplate, and I think that’s more important in order not to make taking photographs of butterflies an elitist hobby.

I still use all the other techniques and tips though, so The Butterfly Photographers Handbook is still a recommended read.

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