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Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation With Some Help

Always good to hear about some ‘celebrity’ promoting butterfly conservation. This celebrity is one of the best, Sir David Attenborough no less who is already the president of the charity Butterfly Conservation. So at the moment he’s urging the people of North Wales to take part in the Save Our Butterflies Week which takes place from 25 July – 1 August 2010.

You can find out more by visiting the BBC’s Save Our Native Butterflies page. You’ll find more details on the where-and-when on that page.

Now whilst I’m always happy to see and report on these types of events, it does get me irritated when they get the detail wrong. Now the page is one of the BBC’s, home of said Mr Attenborough and his amazing wildlife documentaries. So I expect them to do their homework properly when creating these reports.

Their headline is quite specific – “Help David Attenborough save our native butterflies”. Right below that is a prominent picture of a butterfly.

And what’s the butterfly? It’s a Painted Lady which is one of our visitors, NOT a native butterfly!

Yea, yea, I know. It’s trivial, but hey any newcomer is going to be misled. Surely butterfly conservation is not just about preserving, but also educating?

About Butterflies

What About Butterflies?

Well, this is a new blog, and the first post. Yep, it’s about butterflies.

So, what do you reckon the chances are of me popping outside right now and getting a quick photograph of a butterfly, just to show that;

  • I love butterflies
  • I can follow my passion whenever I want

Chances are pretty slim even if I say so myself. I have a small garden. There aren’t masses of butterfly-loving plants. Even the one specific butterfly plant I have, the Buddlieah, is not yet flowering and it’s already mid-July.

It’s not looking good. Yet I feel compelled to demonstrate I have some sort of power to access, whenever I want, something butterfly-related. Yep, it’s all about butterflies.

Well it’s sunny. It’s mid-July as I said. So let’s go challenge.

——12 minutes later————————

OK, that was an interesting test. I don’t see much in the garden at any time, so that was a bit of a risk, mid-blog. The weather came up trumps though, after all, if it had been milder, there’d have been nothing flying out there, no matter how keen I was!

So, a total of 2 butterflies in 12 minutes. Not bad at all. There was a Green-Veined White floating around and a Speckled Wood. Did I get a photo? You betcha.

Speckled Wood Butterfly in Garden

Saw the White floating around the garden doing its usual ‘non-stop routine to frustrate any papparazzi hanging around in this garden’. Watched this for a while before it flew out of the garden and somewhere else. Feeling a bit cheated, I stood still waiting for another to fly by and hopefully settle.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted a stationery butterfly in the shrubbery. The Speckled Wood can be difficult to spot as it loves dappled shade and the ground, giving it amazing camouflage most of the time.

A couple of long shots first, just to make sure I get something. Then I move in slowly to try and get those close or macro shots. Fire two off with no problem, and the photo you see here is the last of those photos. I quite like that shot, especially one that was under a bit of pressure, lol.

How are we doing so far? Well this is all about butterflies, so we can’t be going wrong yet.

More About Butterflies

Challenge is over, now down to the nitty-gritty. I just wanted to outline what this blog is going to be focusing on. Yea, it’s about butterflies. It’s also about butterflies in the wild, butterflies in farms, butterflies in frames and it’s about butterflies on gifts. You know, butterfly jewelry, posters, paintings and it’s even about butterflies on stamps and anything else I can find!

Here’s to the little butterfly. You can find more about butterflies here.