My Big Butterfly Count

Well the Big Butterfly Count is on!

I see that quite a few places are now reporting the week-long event on the Web, including the USA. It’s good to see the news filtering out there so that as many people take part as possible.

Did I take part. Of course, and I probably shall be several times this week.

My results? Well you remember that Speckled Wood I saw a few days ago? It was back again. How do I know it was the same one? Well in my small garden over the years, I’ve got used to the fact that only small numbers of butterflies ever appear, and usually the same ones stay around for weeks.

So I found the Speckled Wood, a Green Veined White and a Holly Blue. All within the allotted 15 minutes. That’s pretty good going for my garden at any time although I have had up to around six I think, usually when the Buddleia

is in full bloom. As always, here’s proof of one of my sightings.

Holly Blue

Holly Blue In My Garden

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